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      1. 我將無我,不負人民。
      I will work selflessly and live up to the expectations of the people.
      I will fully commit to my people and never fail the people.
      I am ready to set aside my own interests in service of the people.
      I will never seek my own good and never fail the people.
      2. 共有產權住房
      homes with shared ownership
      3. 新媒體 new media
          融媒體 integrated media
          多媒體 multimedia
          全媒體 omnimedia
      4. 精準扶貧
      targeted poverty alleviation
      5. 打贏藍天保衛戰
      to make our skies blue again
      fight to keep our skies blue / fight for blue skies
      6. 黨的領導、人民當家作主、依法治國
      The Party as leaders, the people as masters, and law-based governance
      7. 中國特色大國外交
      pursue diplomacy with our own characteristics as a major country
      8. 民族地區
      ethnic minority areas
      9. 形式主義
      the practice of formalities for formalities’ sake
      根據語境,也可用: going through the motions
     10. 決不能“新官不理舊賬”
      New officials must continue to meet the commitment undertaken by their predecessors.
      11. 決不允許搞選擇性執法、任性執法
      Selective and arbitrary law enforcement is unacceptable.
      12. 簡政放權、放管結合、優化服務改革 [“放、管、服”改革]
       streamline the government, delegate power, and improve government services
      13. 三是深化供給側結構性改革,實體經濟活力不斷釋放。 加大“破、立、降”力度。
      Third, we continued/boosted/bolstered supply-side structural reform and steadily unleashed the dynamism of the real economy. We strengthened work to cut ineffective supply, foster new growth drivers, and reduce costs.
      14. 新型城鎮化
       a new model/type of urbanization
       同一篇文章里重復出現時,可簡化為:new urbanization
      15. 平安中國
      a safe and secure China
      16. 經濟外交、人文交流成果豐碩。
      Our economic diplomacy and cultural and people-to-people exchanges yielded rich fruit.
      17. 我國經濟發展在高基數上總體平穩、穩中有進
       Against a large base, the Chinese economy has achieved generally stable growth while making further progress.
      18. 著力穩就業、穩金融、穩外貿、穩外資、穩投資、穩預期
      maintain stability in employment, financial operations, foreign trade, foreign investment, domestic investment, and expectations
      19. 大眾創業萬眾創新
       widespread entrepreneurship and innovation
      20. 文化惠民工程
      cultural programs in the public interest
       21. 紅色資源
       sites and heritage related to the CPC
       22. 深度貧困地區
       severely impoverished areas
       areas of extreme poverty
      23. 高質量發展
      quality development
      high-quality development
      24. 高水平開放
      raise/drive opening up to a higher level
      25. 這次減稅,著眼“放水養魚”、增強發展后勁并考慮財政可持續。
      These tax cuts aim at accommodating the interests of companies.
      26. 開展項目經費使用“包干制”改革試點
      test a lump-sum project-funding scheme
      test a lump-sum funding scheme for projects
      27. 健全激勵約束機制和盡職免責機制,營造干部愿干事、敢干事、能干成事的環境。
      We will improve the mechanisms for offering incentives, imposing constrains, and ensure no one who has fulfilled their duties will be held liable for anything beyond their control. We should create an atmosphere in which officials are eager to try, unafraid to fail, and able to deliver.
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