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來源:中國翻譯協會對外傳播翻譯委員會   發布時間:2016-01-12

1.立黨為公,執政為民。  The Party was founded for public good and it exercises state power/governance for the people.
2.總攬全局  exercise leadership with a holistic view
3.人民日益增長的物質文化需要同落后的社會生產力之間矛盾是我國社會的主要矛盾。  The principle problem in our society is the backward production cannot meet the ever-growing material and cultural needs of the people.
4.我們在任何情況下都要牢牢把握住社會主義初級階段這個最大國情。We must bear in mind under any circumstances the paramount reality that China remains in the primary stage of socialism.
5.我們必須把堅持以經濟建設為中心同四項基本原則、改革開放這兩個基本點統一于中國特色社會主義偉大實踐。  We must adhere to both the central task—economic development—and the two basic points—the Four Cardinal Principles and the policy of reform and opening up—in our great endeavor to build socialism with Chinese characteristics.
6.我們要胸懷理想、堅定信念、不動搖、不懈怠,不折騰、頑強奮斗、艱苦奮斗,不懈奮斗。  We should remain true to our ideal, be firm in our conviction, never vacillate in or relax our efforts or act recklessly, and we should forge ahead/press forward with tenacity and resolve.
7.全面把握機遇、沉著應對挑戰,贏得主動、贏得優勢  seize all opportunities, respond with cool-headedness to challenges and gain initiative and advantages
8.司法公信力應不斷提高  Public trust in the judiciary should be steadily enhanced.
9.社會主義核心價值體系深入人心  Core socialist values takes roots among the people.
10.公民文明素質和社會文明程度明顯提高  Both the level of civility and the moral and ethical standards of the whole society should be significantly raised.
11.中華文化走出去  take Chinese culture to the global stage
12.破除一切妨礙科學發展的思想觀念和體制機制弊端  discard all notions and remove all systemic barriers that hinder the pursuit of development in a scientific way
13.在更大程度更廣范圍發揮市場在資源配置中的基礎作用  leverage to a greater extent and in a wider scope the basic role of the market in allocating resources
14.加快推進社會主義民主政治制度化、規范化、程序化  work harder to enhance socialist democracy in a systemic way by adopting due standards and procedures
15.實現國家各項工作法治化  ensure that all governance functions are performed in accordance with law
16.基本建立現代文化市場體系  establish the basic framework of a modern cultural market system
17.加快生態文明制度  move faster to set up a system for ecological improvement
18.形成人與自然和諧發展現代化建設新格局  promote modernization featuring harmonious development between man and nature
19.以經濟建設為中心是興國之要,發展仍是解決我國所有問題的關鍵。Taking economic development as the central task is vital to national renewal, and development still holds the key to addressing all the problems we have in China.
20.以科學發展為主題,以加快轉變經濟發展方式為主線,是關系我國發展全局的戰略抉擇。  Taking scientific development as the underlying guideline (not theme) and accelerating the change of the growth model (not pattern of economic development) as a major task(not main thread) is a strategic choice we have made for promoting China’s overall development.
20.把推動發展的立足點轉到提高質量和效益上來  ensure that development is based on improved quality and performance
21.激發各類市場主體發展活力 fire all  types of market participants with new vigor for development
22.培育開放性經濟發展新優勢  create new favorable conditions for developing the open economy
23.城鄉區域發展協調互動  coordinated and mutually reinforcing urban-rural development
24.促進工業化、信息化、城鎮化、農業現代化同步發展  promoting harmonized/in step development of industrialization, IT application, urbanization and agricultural modernization
25.推動國有資本更多投向關系國家安全和國民經濟的重要行業和關鍵領域  invest more state capital in major industries and key fields that comprise the lifeline of the economy and are vital to national security
26.保證各種所有制經濟平等使用生產要素  ensure that economic entities under all forms of ownership have equal access to factors of production
27.健全中央和地方財力與事權相匹配的體制  ensure that the central and local governments have sufficient financial resources to exercise their respective powers and responsibilities
28.財稅體系  the fiscal and taxation systems
29.加強宏觀調控目標和政策手段機制化建設  strengthen institutional procedures for setting macro-regulation targets and employing policy tools
30.完善促進基本公共服務均等化的公共財政體系  improve the public finance system to ensure equal access to basic public services
31.形成有利于結構優化,社會公平的稅收制度  improve the structure of the taxation system to promote social equity
32.建立公共資源出讓收益合理共享機制  establish a mechanism for equitable sharing of proceeds from public resources transfers
33.穩步推進利率和匯率市場化改革  take steady steps to make interest rates and the RMB exchange rates market-based
34.逐步實現人民幣資本項目可兌換  promote the RMB’s convertibility under capital accounts in due course
35.科技創新必須擺在國家發展全局的核心位置。  We must give science and technology top priority in overall national development.
36.提高原始創新、集成創新和引進消化吸收再創新能力  increase capacity for making original innovation and integrated innovation and for making further innovation on the basis of absorbing advances in overseas science and technology
37.著力構建以企業為主體,市場為導向,產學研結合的技術創新體系  We should establish a system of technological innovation in which enterprises play the leading role, the market points the way, and enterprises, universities and research institutes work together.
38.完善科技創新激勵機制  improve mechanisms for rewarding scientific and technological innovations
39.把全社會智慧和力量凝聚到創新發展上來  ensure that the wisdom and strength of the whole society are directed to promoting innovation-driven development
40.解決制約經濟健康持續發展的重大結構性問題  resolve major structural barriers to sustained and sound economic development
41.牢牢把握擴大內需這一戰略基點  We should firmly maintain the strategic focus of boosting domestic demand.
42.強化實體經濟的需求導向  make the real economy more demand-driven
43.理布局建設基礎設施和基礎產業  make geographical/regional layout of the development of infrastructure and basic industries more balanced.
44.發展現代信息技術產業體系,健全信息安全保障體系  develop IT industry and better ensure information security
45.有序推進農業轉移人口市民化  conduct registration of rural migrant workers as permanent urban residents in an orderly way
46.對農民采取多與少取放活的方針  We should give more to farmers and take less from them and lift restrictions over their business activities.
47.培育新型經營主體  oster new types of business entities
48.集約化、專業化、組織化、社會化相結合的新型農業經營體系  a new type of system for intensive agricultural operations that are specialized, well organized and commercialized
49.形成以技術、品牌、質量、服務為核心的出口競爭新優勢  make China’s export more competitive in terms of technology, brand, quality and service
50.提高利用外資綜合優勢和總體效益  We should make full use of our overall advantageous position in utilizing foreign capital and make better use of such investment.
51.統籌雙邊、多邊開放合作  make overall planning for bilateral and multilateral opening up and cooperation
52.全面深化經濟體制改革  deepen economic structural reform across the board
53.發展更廣泛、更充分、更健全的人民民主  make people’s democracy more extensive, fuller in scope and sounder in practice
54.必須堅持黨的領導、人民當家作主,依法治國有機統一。  We must ensure the unity of the leadership of the Party, the position of the people as masters of the country and law based governance.
55.發展社會主義政治文明  promote socialist political progress/advance
56.維護國家法制統一、尊嚴、權威  uphold the unity, sanctity and authority of the country’s legal system
57.保證人民依法享有廣泛權利和自由  ensure that the people enjoy extensive rights and freedoms as prescribed by law
58.要把制度建設擺在突出位置,充分發揮我國社會主義政治制度優越性,積極借鑒人類政治文明有益成果。 We should place high importance on system building, give full play to the strength of the socialist political system and draw on the political achievements of other societies.
59.我們決不照搬西方政治制度模式  We will never copy the Western political system.
60.加強對政府全口徑預算決算的審查和監督  tighten examination and oversight of all government budgets and final accounts
61.優化常委會、專委會組成人員知識和年齡結構  improve the age mix and expertise of the members of the standing committees and special committees of people’s congresses
62.推進協商民主廣泛、多層、制度化發展  promote the extensive, multilevel, and institutionalized development of consultative democracy
63.健全以職工代表大會為基本形式的企業事業單位民主管理制度  improve the democratic management system in enterprises and public institutions with employees’ congress as its basic form
64.嚴格規范公正文明執法  enforce laws in a strict, fair and civilized way according to due procedures
65.提高領導干部運用法治思維和法治方式深化改革,推動發展,化解矛盾,維護穩定的能力  We should ensure that leading officials are guided by law in both thinking and action in their effort to deepen reform, promote development, solve problems and maintain stability.
66.任何組織和個人都不得有超越憲法和法律的特權。  No organization or individual has the privilege of overstepping the Constitution and laws.
67.絕不允許以言代法、以權壓法、徇私枉法。  No one in a position of power is allowed in any way to take his own words as the law, place his own authority above the law or abuse the law.

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