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來源:中國翻譯協會對外傳播翻譯委員會   發布時間:2016-01-12


1.       社會事業  social services/programs

2.       不斷提高政策的針對性、靈活性和前瞻性  make our policies more targeted, flexible, and forward-looking

3.       扎實推進教育公平  make solid progress in making education more equitable

4.       理順能源價格體系  base the energy pricing system on market supply and demand

5.       理順政府與市場的關系  clearly define the roles/functions of the government and the market

6.       理順政府與公民和社會組織的關系  the government should properly handle its relationship with the public and social organizations

7.       逐步理順煤電價格關系  make the price of electricity better reflect the price of coal

8.       清理、規范行政審批事項  review and standardize procedures of administrative approval

9.       開展債務清理整頓  clear up debt obligations

10.    提高基本公共服務均等化水平  make delivery of basic public services more equitable; to ensure equal access to public service

11.    放寬落戶條件  relax restrictions on granting permanent residency

12.    發揮他們的積極作用  fully motivate them in doing sth.; keep them motivated in doing sth.

13.    銜接和落實好支持港澳經濟社會發展的系列政策措施  implement coordinated policies and measures for supporting the economic and social development of Hong Kong and Macao

14.    建立社會救助和保障標準與物價上漲掛鉤的聯動機制  increase social aid and security to offset price rises

15.    糾正有法不依、執法不嚴、違法不究、粗暴執法、瀆職失職和執法腐敗等行為  resolve the problems of laws not being abided by or fully enforced, lawbreakers not being prosecuted, abuses in law enforcement, dereliction and neglect of duty, and corrupt practices in law enforcement

16.    開展勞動關系爭議排查  settle labor disputes

17.    完善人才培養、任用、評價、激勵機制  improve the mechanism for training, employing, evaluating, and giving incentives to talented personnel

18.    發揮各地特色和優勢  fully tap the distinctive strengths of each region; to optimize local distinctive strengths

19.    囤積居奇、操縱價格、惡意炒作  hoarding and profiteering, manipulating prices, and speculation

20.    優撫對象  entitled group; recipient of government relief

21.    提高城鄉低保補助水平  increase subsistence allowances for rural and urban residents

22.    一次性生活補貼  one-off living allowances

23.    基本藥物安全性提高、價格下降  Basic drugs became safer and more affordable.

24.    掛職  to work on secondment

25.    選任  election-based appointment

26.    委任  direct appointment

27.    考任  examination-based appointment

28.    聘任  contract-based appointment

29.    雙向進入、交叉任職  cross appointment

30.    基層鍛煉have community-level working experience; get tempered on a community-level post

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